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We can consult with you to help your business increase revenue by improving your:
A number of approaches can be used, including:
  • One-off or on-going consultation
  • Embedded BizStar staff member
  • Customer Perceptions Research (CPR)
  • Conducting lead generation and/or marketing projects
  • Business Development Strategy Assessment
  • Business mentoring/coaching
  • Key Stakeholder Research
  • Customer Surveys
  • Secondary Research
  • Implementation of BizStar recommendations

Specific business sectors of expertise include: retail, market research, import/export, local and central government, tourism, IT, telecommunications, publishing, construction, engineering and economic development.

Specific business areas of expertise include: business development strategy design and implementation, customer research, internet marketing, offline marketing, international marketing, sales, consumer and community consultation, stakeholder engagement, strategy development and policy advice.
About BizStar International

BizStar International is a New Zealand based company that specialises in creating and maximising business development opportunities for your organisation.

Managing Director, Conor Quinn, has ten years experience in marketing and business development and over fourteen years experience as a professional researcher and writer. This combined experience provides Conor a unique vantage point from which to provide your company knowledge and guidance in developing and maximising new business opportunities.

In developing BizStar International, Conor has the luxury of using existing business networks and contacts to assist in developing valuable business opportunities for new and established organisations.

As well as in-depth market research expertise Conor has extensive experience in developing successful marketing campaigns, both online and offline for a number of companies and organisations.

Our associate consultants can lend their significant expertise to business development projects both domestically and internationally, leveraging their local knowledge to help our clients succeed in creating and maximising growth opportunities.

Our business is your business. Call now to learn how we can help your business - 027 4477131.
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